"Unfavorable Odds" FAQ

When is UnFavorable Odds being released in the U.S.?
UnFavorable Odds is now streaming! Watch UnFavorable Odds now.
Is UnFavorable Odds available on DVD/Blu-ray?
UnFavorable Odds is not yet available on DVD or Blu-ray.
What is UnFavorable Odds rated?
UnFavorable Odds is Rated PG-13 for some suggestive material.
Who made UnFavorable Odds?
The UnFavorable Odds movie was written by Corey Toney, Edna Janeen White, and Tony D. White, and directed by Michael A. Pinckney.
Who is distributing UnFavorable Odds?
Film distribution for UnFavorable Odds is being handled in the U.S. by Atlas Distribution.
What is UnFavorable Odds about?

In the UnFavorable Odds movie, after a preoccupied, presumptuous, business man plays high-stakes with his wife Victoria as the prize, he finds himself against unfavorable odds.

Who stars in UnFavorable Odds?
UnFavorable Odds features an amazing lineup including:
  • Grayson Berry
  • Maria TornBerg
  • Charles Malik Whitfield
  • Charles Ambrose
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I still have questions about UnFavorable Odds... now what?
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